Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ukranian farmer opens first ever Brownie museum

And I don't mean the chocolate kind. Nicholas Ninon from the village of Zaps in Crimea has opened the first ever museum dedicated to the Brownie - a creature of folklore similar to a hob or goblin.

Apparently there are around 100 exhibits in the museum, with two Brownies (not real ones - unless you're wasted) standing at the entrance.

In Slavic mythology Brownies are known as Damovoi or Domovyk specifically in the Ukraine. They are household spirits, similar to those in English, Scottish, German and Scandinavian folklore, who guards the house from evil spirits and helps out every now and again.

There are various depictions of Damovoi, but they are usually hairy and sometimes quite large. If angered in any way these creatures can become malicious, smashing pots and holding people down in their sleep.

Brownies have quite a varied history, since their legends spread across Northern and Eastern Europe and to the British Isles, so if done correctly, this little museum could be full of interesting folklore goodies.